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          螺旋擠漿機-Spiral squeeze pulp machine

          螺旋擠漿機-Spiral squeeze pulp machine


          • 所屬分類:機械擠漿設備
          • 產品編號:1566351452
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          • 發布日期:2019-08-29
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          Spiral squeeze pulp machine is an ideal equipment for comprehensive utilization of black liquor in pulp and paper mills. It can be used to extract black liquor from wood, bamboo, bagasse, wheat straw, reed and other raw materials. It can also be used to extract black liquor from deinking pulp of waste paper. Because the axial force of the spiral squeeze pulp machine in operation is very large, it is easy to cause bearing damage, and then cause bearing wear. The traditional maintenance methods are dismantling equipment and machining after repair welding, but the thermal stress caused by high temperature of repair welding can not be completely eliminated, or the bearing position is treated by insertion, which is time-consuming and laborious, and can not guarantee good coordination. At present, the developed countries mostly use polymer composites for on-site maintenance to solve the above equipment problems, among which the mature Megawa technology system is applied. Compared with the traditional method, this maintenance method can achieve on-site repair without disassembly and machining. It has the advantages of low maintenance cost and short cycle,and greatly reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel. At the same time, because the material has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and adhesion force, it will not produce high temperature stress, fully meet the requirements of equipment operation, can ensure good coordination between bearing chamber and bearing, and avoid the possibility of re-emergence of clearance.







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