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          雙錐高濃除砂器-Double cone high-density cleaner

          雙錐高濃除砂器-Double cone high-density cleaner


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          • 產品編號:1566380027
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          • 發布日期:2019-08-29
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          Double cone high consistency slag remover is an advanced equipment for pulp purification. It uses different proportion of fibers and impurities to separate heavy impurities from pulp, so as to purify pulp. The equipment has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only for the roughing and purification of high energy pulp, but also for the cleaning and purification of low consistency pulp in front of the paper machine. It can be used not only in the production of chemical pulp and semi-chemical pulp, but also in the production of mechanical pulp waste pulp. It is widely used in the production of box board, corrugated paper, cultural paper, newsprint and toilet paper, especially in the purification of waste pulp and semi-chemical straw pulp.
          Double-cone high concentration slag remover has simple structure, small occupation area, large production capacity, easy operation, no blockage of slag outlet, high purification efficiency, pulp only once through the desander, no tail pulp treatment equipment, zero fiber loss, wear-resistant cone, long service life, no transmission. The slag removal effect can be achieved in the process with no power to install in pulp transportation.
          The double cone high concentration slag remover does not need special maintenance. In production, the slag removal effect can be guaranteed as long as the valves are flexible, no leakage, and the pressure is stable and normal everywhere. During the overhaul, the surface wear of the upper cone should be checked at any time, and the upper cone should be replaced if necessary.


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